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2021-22: GEOG2160 - Legislative Council & landfill site

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

15 OCT 2021 (FRI)

Led by Professor Elvis Au (Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR Government), the field trip provided students a great opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with industry professionals including Ir Dr Hon Wai-Kwok Lo (the member of Legislative Council of Hong Kong for the Engineering constituency), Ir Normal Cheng (Business Development Director of Veolia) and Ir Daniel Wang (Engineering and Construction Manager of Veolia), all under the theme of “Everything starts out small, it's how we build from the ground up that matters”.

Besides an in-depth discussion of the recent waste management policy with the Legislator at the Legislative Council, students were also taken on a bus tour of South East New Territories Landfill (in short, SENT Landfill) guided by Ir Carl Lai (General Manager of Veolia) to explore the technologies of the plant and the construction waste tipping area. With the first-hand experience of the smell at the landfill site, students also reflected on the waste management issues in Hong Kong from a wider perspective.


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