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Capstone Experience Courses: GEOG4002/3/4 (2024-2025)

(A)  Timeline of Capstone Experience Courses (2024-25)


(B)  Supervisor's Research Area


(C)  Forms & Procedures


      1. Capstone Experience Courses Manual and Capstone Contract (2024-25)


            1.1  Capstone Contract page only (For Student Submission)


      2. Topic Agreement Form


      3. Application Form for Ethics Review


      4. Exemption Form


      5. CEC Research Proposal Template



(D)  Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong (RGS-HK) Undergraduate Research Grant


      1. RGS-HK Undergraduate Research Grant Application Form (2024-25)


      2. RGS-HK Undergraduate Research Grant Proposal (2024-25)

      3. Template of the Table of Expenses

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