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Undergraduate Programmes

Capstone Experience Courses

(A)  Timeline of Capstone Experience Courses (2021-22), (2022-23)


(B)  Proposed Topics and Research Areas (2022-23)


(C)  Forms & Procedures

  1. Capstone Experience Courses Manual and Capstone Contract, 2022-23

    1. Capstone Contract page only (For Submission)​

  2. Topic Agreement Form

  3. Application Form for Ethics Review

  4. Map Library Internship Application Form

  5. Exemption Form

  6. Progress Report


(D)  Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong (RGS-HK) Undergraduate Research Grant

  1. RGS-HK Undergraduate Research Grant Application Form (2021-22), (2022-23)

  2. RGS-HK Undergraduate Research Grant Proposal (2021-22), (2022-23)

(E)  Sample of research result of a Directed Project involving detailed investigation of an old map