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HKU Geography's Strong International and Interdisciplinary Research Network

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Note: Based on staff’s joint publications since 2008. Last updated in June, 2019.

Ready for Future Challenges

The department has always formulated strategic plans to achieve its objectives. By aligning itself with the vision and mission of both the university and faculty, the department endeavours to further disseminate and create greater knowledge based on the three defined research thematic groups: China, where we continue to examine its leading role and structural shifts in the current era of globalization; Environment, where we call for effective adaptation and mitigation to reach environment sustainability; and Urban and Transport, where we develop sustainable transport mobilities and connectivity for smart cities. This we achieve through our international collaborative network and pursuit of interdisciplinary research activities, the effective support infrastructure, and the impressive range of human resources.


The department is ready for any future challenges, specifically in regards to the interactions of people and the environment. By utilizing our strategic geographical location that connects us to China and the wider world, together with our incredible team of dedicated and talented individuals, the Department of Geography aims to become a leading global research hub.

Ready for Fuure Challenges
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