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In loving memory of Dr Mervyn Peart
悼念敬愛的Mervyn Peart博士

This is a public platform to share your condolences with Dr Mervyn Peart's family.

Please post a message if you have anecdotes or reminiscences about him.

The Department of Geography of the University of Hong Kong is preparing a memorial book of Dr Peart.
Please share your personal photos, videos and stories of Dr Peart with us at

請大家透過這平台對Dr Mervyn Peart其家人致以深切的慰問。
我們邀請您分享和Dr Peart的軼事,並把您對他的思念轉為文字。
香港大學地理系正在籌備Dr Peart的弔唁冊, 請透過電郵(與我們分享您和Dr Peart的照片,視頻和故事。

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In lieu of a funeral service, Mrs. Peart has organized a memorial donation campaign in Dr. Peart's memory. Those who knew him are encouraged to contribute to a charity close to his heart to mark his passing in a positive way. You can make a donation to The Glacier Trust, a charity focused on community-based climate adaptation in Nepal, by visiting

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