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Research Strategy : Strategic Framework

To support all our three research thematic groups, the department has developed the following strategic framework (Figure 1) to facilitate knowledge creation through international collaboration and to disseminate knowledge through academic research, teaching and mentorship, and community outreach programmes.


Generate Impact to the Community

Develop International and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Networks

Pursue Excellence and Leadership in Research

Nurture the Future

Figure 1. Four strategic objectives of HKU Geography’s Research Strategy.

Strategic Objective 1: Pursue Excellence and Leadership in Research   

Faculty members in the department actively engage in producing high-quality, cutting-edge research studies and playing major research leadership roles. The research output is not only beneficial to academia but also the wider community.


Strategic Objective 2: Develop International and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Networks

Through the continuous support of peer-reviewed competitive grants and other external funding resources, the department provides a conducive environment for developing international, interdisciplinary, and intersectoral collaborative research networks.


Strategic Objective 3: Generate Impact in the Community

Faculty members actively take on leadership roles on government advisory boards and in community services to contribute to policy and governance.


Strategic Objective 4: Nurture the Future

Our alumni and students gain invaluable experience through inspiring mentorship and effective teaching from faculty members in internationally-recognized research studies.

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