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14 JUN 2024 (FRI) 15:00-15:15

HKU GEOGRAPHY: Monthly Research Talks

Uncovering Nexus Between Residential Environment and Health Risks Using Multi-Source Data

Date: 14 JUN 2024 (Friday)

Time: 15:00-15:15 (HKT)

(No registration required)



The residential environment plays a significant role in determining individuals' health. However, understanding the complex relationships between various environmental factors and health outcomes remains challenging. Dr. Ting Zhang will briefly introduce her serials of research works on environmental determinants of health-related behaviors. She has leveraged multi-source environmental data (e.g., street-view images, remote sensing, GIS data repository, ground-truth monitoring) and bio-social survey data to explore associations between residential environmental exposures (e.g., greenness, air pollution, noise, retail food environment, leisure facilities) and individual health-related behaviors (e.g., physical activity, prolonged sitting, eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, social connections) in the high-density city, Hong Kong. Implications and limitations will be discussed.


Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Geography, HKU



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