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13 JUN 2024 (THU) 16:05-16:35

Assessing the interplay between electricity generation mix and carbon emissions in electric private vehicles from 2012 – 2050

Mr CHEUK Sung Ho

(Supervisor: Prof Nicky Y. F. Lam)


The popularisation of Electric private Vehicles (EVs) has become a global megatrend to achieve zero vehicular emissions and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the global land transport sector. However, as many countries with EVs are still relying heavily on fossil fuels for electricity generation, popularising EVs has undoubtedly raised the energy demand of power plants, resulting in more indirect GHG emissions diverted to the power sector. Yet, literature of related topics seldom acknowledges the change of indirect emissions of EVs in power plants with the planned changes of cities’ electricity generation mix (EGM) in the future, as well as cities’ intention of adding hydrogen as a new energy source in the upcoming future. Hence, this proposal aims to explore 1) the interaction between cities’ EGM and carbon emissions in travelling and engine idling of private vehicles; 2) the effectiveness of anti-idling policies in lowering carbon emissions of private vehicles in different scenarios with differences in fleet mix, composition of EGM, and policies’ exemption conditions; and 3) life cycle emissions of deploying hydrogen for electricity generation in the future. In addition, four study areas are chosen to compare and demonstrate the trends and differences from 2012 to 2050. They are Hong Kong, Singapore, Oslo, and California, which have established a comprehensive policy planning in achieving carbon neutrality in the transport sector in the future. As such, this proposed study will offer a scientifical approach for future policy making related to sustainable energy use, carbon neutrality, and mitigation of vehicular emission.

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