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25 JAN 2024 (THU) 11:35 - 11:55

Updated: Jan 30

Perceiving the New Manifestation and Influence of Urban Change in the Information Age: An Empirical Study Based on the Gentrifying Neighbourhoods in Shenzhen

Ms ZHENG Xuechao

(Supervisor: Prof Ben A Gerlofs)


Following on from the Fourth Industrial Revolution and 2021- onward era of “web 3.0”, geography has taken a “digital turn”. Cities, which play an important role in the economic and social dimensions of human society and non-negligible impact on the natural environment, are becoming increasingly reliant on digital technologies relating to planning, development and management processes. Accordingly, a better understanding and further research of the digital transformation of cities are necessary. Based on an in-depth literature review of relevant articles as well as a case study of three gentrifying neighbourhoods in Shenzhen, this study aims to clarify the manifestations, characteristics and influence of urban redevelopment during the digital age. More specifically, it looks to explore how information technology interacts with urban space especially in the Chinese context. Findings from this study can contribute to the existing body of literature about urban digital turn, serve as an indirect voice for residents living in those neighbourhoods undergoing gentrification.

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