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17 JAN 2023 (TUE) 16:35 - 17:05

TOD as a Public Realm: Curate Social Mixing with Transit-Oriented Development

Ms FAN Zhuangyuan


Previous studies on Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD)’s have primarily focused on its role in the transportation system (increase transit usage, enhance walkability, etc.) or residential development (land value, gentrification, displacement, etc.). Today, we have yet to realize that a TOD, by attracting people from different geographical regions, social classes, and backgrounds to gather together in the same place, is also one of the critical shared public spaces in a dense city. With this attribute largely understudied in the literature, this research attempts to systematically unveil the role of TOD in curating a diverse experience for citizens. Accordingly, we will address two main research questions: 1) How to measure TOD’s role in fostering a socially mixed environment across time and space? 2) What kind of intervention (policy, planning, and design) have influenced (TODs’) residents and users experienced social mixing? This research will answer these questions by creating a measurement of the social mixing of TOD, building a database & tool to strengthen the analysis, and then revealing the impact of TOD-related intervention across different geographical contexts.

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