10 JUN 2022 (FRI) 10:00-10:45 | 11:15-12:00

Departmental Research Seminars

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[ 10:00-10:45 ]


Urban environmental change and its implications for sustainability

Our home planet is experiencing an unprecedented period of urbanization, which is expected to continue across the next few decades. An improved understanding of complex urban systems under urbanization is highly needed for sustainable urban development and requires integrated efforts across disciplines, methods, and scales. This seminar will present our recent studies focusing on characterizing historical and future urban dynamic as well as the associated urban environmental changes from local to global scales using satellite remote sensing observations and developed modeling capabilities. Two important implications of urbanization, including building energy demand and pollen allergy disease, will also be explored in the seminar. The resultant products, models, and findings from this study will be of great value for advancing our understanding of the coupled urban-nature system under urbanization for sustainability in the context of climate change.