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01 JUN 2021 (TUE) 10:35 -10:55

Exploring the Elderly’s Mobility (In)Justice from the Current Provision of Public Open Space in Hong Kong

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 971 6684 3596

Password: 016676

Moderator: Dr Steven H.S. Zhang

Ms YU Po Sheung MPhil Student, Department of Geography, HKU


Dr Benjamin L Iaquinto & Dr J X Qian


Living in an expensive cramped space, Hong Kong’s elderly people spend lots of time outdoors. Public open space—such as parks and sitting-out areas—provide them space to exercise, socialize and rest. By 2039, the number of older persons aged 65 and over will nearly double, from 1.32 million in 2019 to 2.52 million. With the expanding ageing population, there will be greater demand for open space in Hong Kong. However, contemporary research does not provide an in-depth understanding of senior citizens’ actual usage of open space. Through the lens of mobilities, this research seeks to understand how the elderly experience and interact with open spaces in terms of their movements and stoppages. Employing a qualitative approach, this research will reveal if different types of open space are meeting the needs of elderly residents in Hong Kong. Theoretically, this research highlights the importance of both movement and non-movement in understanding how elderly people experience urban space. Practically, this research will be useful for the government to develop quality planning of open space and welfare programme that cater to the future societal needs of the ageing population.

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