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23 APR 2020 (THU) 16:45-18:15 [COVID-19 Forum Series]

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Location Intelligence, Human Mobility and Travel Restrictions under COVID-19



This is the second forum in the COVID-19 and GEOGRAPHY series initiated by HKU Geography. Transforming spatial information and data into useful knowledge has always been an essential component of geographical training. Following the discussion on converting important data from multiple sources related to SARS and COVID-19 into spatial data relevant and accessible to the general public in the first forum, this second forum begins by showcasing the technological advances in geographical information systems (GIS) that builds a common spatial data infrastructure, generates location-based insights, and supports decision-makings of all sectors in a society, especially during emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic. Human interactions are known to increase the chance of spreading infectious diseases like COVID-19. Based on the pattern of human mobility, how can GIS help to identify the high-risk hot spots and classify cities into different groups so that the most appropriate measures can be implemented to effectively curb the spatial spread of the disease? With the location intelligence, is it possible to implement a more spatially differentiated policy to effectively tackle the pandemic risks while minimizing the associated socio-economic disruptions?


This forum will feature speakers showcasing and discussing the three key aspects of location intelligence, human mobility, and travel restrictions under COVID-19. A 15-minute interactive session will be scheduled at the end of the forum for participants (joining by Zoom) to exchange with panel members.

Panel Members (in alphabetical order)

PROF PC Lai Professor, Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong
PROF Becky PY Loo Head and Professor, Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong (Chair and Convenor)
MR Kelvin Shum Senior Director, Technology & Planning, Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited
PROF Anthony Yeh Chair Professor and Chan To-Haan Professor in Urban Planning and Design, University of Hong Kong


Esri China (Hong Kong Limited)

Geographic/Land Information System (GIS) Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong

Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong


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