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29 JAN 2019 (TUE) 16:30-18:00

Politics and Volcanoes: How Geology Makes Society

Common Core Lounge, MB150

Dr Adam Bobbette

About the Speaker:

Adam Bobbette, currently a postdoctoral fellow on the New Earth Histories Research Program, UNSW, is a geographer with training in philosophy, cultural studies, architecture and landscape. His research relates to the intersections of people with vulnerable and volatile environments. Following a PhD from Cambridge, he is working on a book, "At Earth;s Edge: The Political Geology of Indonesia", that focuses on the intersection of politics and geology through the lens of Indonesia's volcanoes.


Societies are determined by geological processes and because of this geology is political. This talk explains how the geological sciences have transformed how we understand politics, time, history and ourselves. It also makes a case for the crucial role of the geological sciences in shaping our intractable contemporary environmental crises as well as suggesting imaginative solutions to them.

Registration & Enquiries:

Miss Charmaine Tse | (E)

All are welcome


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