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HKU Geography Hosts a Remote Sensing Conference

The Second Remote Sensing Forum and Second GLASS Products User Conference was successfully held at HKU Main Campus on 3-6 December 2023, jointly organised by the Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Faculty of Geographical Science, Beijing Normal University (BNU), and School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University (WHU). Chaired by Professor Shunlin Liang, Head of HKU Geography, the event aimed to summarise past developments, identify current challenges, and explore future advancements. The event attracted more than 180 participants from over 31 universities and international institutes from Mainland China, Italy, Thailand, and South Korea, plus many local participants.


The Remote Sensing Forum featured a unique format of expert short presentations and group dialogues. The GLASS Products User Conference facilitated in-depth communication between the GLASS (Global LAnd Surface Satellite)  and Hi-GLASS product development teams, users and researchers. The event significantly advanced the field of remote sensing by not only fostering its development but also by enhancing academic research and facilitating scholarly exchanges.


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