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2021-22: GEOG2160 - O · PARK1 (Virtual Field Trip)

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

30 SEP 2021 (THU)

A virtual field trip at O · PARK1 via live zoom was held on 30 September 2021. The field trip aims to introduce the operating mechanism of The O · PARK1 – esp. how the food waste is recycled and transformed into biogas and compost using anaerobic digestion & composting technologies. The biogas is then used as an energy to generate electricity for the internal use within O · PARK1.

A seamless live & interactive virtual learning experience is conducted with the cooperation of Professor Elvis Au (Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR Government), EPD officers of O · PARK1 and our GEOG2160 teaching assistants. The live guided tour video are almost like being there – students are taken to explore the facilities including the control room, the bunker, the anaerobic digesters, etc. In Q&A session, students actively engaged with the EPD officers in discussing the operation process including the food waste collection, waste treatment, system monitoring, and future public education.


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