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Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A Special Exhibition on 6,000 Years of Hong Kong Maritime Stories

03 JUN 2021 - 12 AUG 2021

The Department of Geography at the University of Hong Kong is pleased to collaborate with the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in their current special exhibition, "Maritime Crossroads: Millenia of Global Trade in Hong Kong", which opens officially on 3 June and runs through 12 August, 2021. As a first step in a burgeoning collaboration, members of the Department of Geography have produced several unique contributions to this public-facing exhibition, based on decades of pathbreaking research and a wealth of geovisual expertise, including the two videos posted below (both of which are prominently on display in the museum's galleries). The Department encourages all interested colleagues, students, and members of the general public to visit the Hong Kong Maritime Museum to peruse the exhibit and learn more about local land reclamation projects, the city's place in global trade, and the significance of geographical knowledge, techniques, and perspectives to the future of a prosperous Hong Kong.


Land Reclamation in the Victoria Harbour (3D GIS Visualisation)

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)


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