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Option of Specialization for Geography Major

Advanced courses in the geography curriculum are grouped into four options of specialization – 'China & the Pacific Rim', 'Environment & Resources', 'Tourism & Leisure' and 'Urban & Transport'. These options serve as a guide to facilitate the students in making their academic plan to select suitable advanced geography courses that fit into their academic interest and future career development for pursuing their Geography major. It is not mandatory that the Geography majors must choose one particular option of specialization. The chosen option of specialization will not be printed in the student transcript.

China & the Pacific Rim

Dramatic social and economic transformation of China, one of the most populous and quickly developing nations of the world, has been a major historical event of the twentieth century that is likely to engender far-reaching impacts on human society in this millennium. At this historical juncture, demand for knowledge of what is taking place in China and its global implications are greater than ever before.


The 'China & the Pacific Rim' Option responds to such a demand by bringing together a group of well organized courses to address issues that have great theoretical significance and practical application. Students are introduced to important ideas and advanced techniques for understanding the transformation of China, the role it plays in the world, the interaction between the mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the locational characteristics of investment and development, and the implications of changes in China for the formulation of effective international business strategy and government policies. The option offers an excellent choice for those who wish to pursue a career and explore the tremendous opportunities related to economic development in China.

Environment & Resources

The global environment and society's knowledge and perceptions of it are undergoing rapid changes. A basic tenet of environmental study is that all things are inter-connected, part of a synergistic whole, and that the consequences of disruption in one part have knock-on effects throughout the whole system. Increasingly, human action, for good or ill, is being identified as a key component in the operation of the Earth system and its component parts.


The 'Environment & Resources' Option offers an excellent selection of courses, which provide students with the basis for a sound understanding of our current knowledge of environmental systems and processes as well as the integration of the human dimension into the relationship. By means of carefully balanced combinations of lectures, directed projects, fieldwork and self-guided learning, students will be suitably equipped to identify, analyze and provide solutions to everyday practical and contemporary environmental problems. In addition, they will have the opportunity to acquire skills which will enable them to bring a holistic approach to bear in problem-solving and decision-making which is highly valued by discerning employers.

Tourism & Leisure

The tourism and leisure services sector has experienced the fastest growth among the world industries for the past few decades. Entertainment, recreation, and travel businesses all boost Hong Kong's leisure appeal as a "City of Life". Theme parks, shopping and recreation complexes, leisure clothing and gourmet foods not only indicate how pervasive leisure has become in the economy of Hong Kong but also support the SAR government's strategic plan to strengthen Hong Kong's leisure appeal for global tourism marketing. With the CEPA arrangements gradually coming into practice, the prospect of Hong Kong's tourism and leisure services sector is looking particularly promising.


The 'Tourism & Leisure' Option offers a broad selection of courses which provide students with basis for a comprehensive understanding of the tourism and leisure services system. Through lectures, directed projects, fieldwork and self-guided learning, students are led to explore all aspects of both the private and public sectors related to the tourism and leisure services sector, such as theories, planning, environmental concerns, operations, and the interrelationships among them. This option offers an excellent opportunity for those who wish to become managers, administrators, educators, and researchers, in the tourism and leisure services industry of Hong Kong and China in the 21st century.

Urban & Transport

We live in a rapidly urbanizing world where the time-space dimensions have been immensely compressed by the development of modern transportation systems in the twentieth century. Given that the urbanization process and the development of modern transport systems have brought tremendous impacts on both the physical and human geography of contemporary societies, a focus on urban studies will help to improve our understanding of the changing geography of the world, the Asia-Pacific region and Hong Kong.


The 'Urban & Transport' Option caters to individuals who wish to pursue careers in the fields of urban development, urban planning, and transport policy and planning. Students electing for the 'Urban & Transport' Option will be introduced to the principles, processes, and patterns of urban systems. The broad spectrum of courses included in this option will provide students with a systematic understanding of the basic approaches and key theories of urban change and transport development as well as a thorough training in the application of such knowledge to urban planning, urban environmental management, and transport planning issues in both developed and developing countries. A combination of lectures, tutorials, fieldwork and directed projects aims to equip students with analytical and problem-solving skills to pursue careers in the fields of urban development, urban planning, urban environmental management and transport policy and planning.

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