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Overseas field trip

Dear Geography & Urban Governance Majors,


While COVID-19 has halted virtually all international travel, it is in hope that the situation will improve in the summer of 2021 and the Department can organize overseas field trip for major students to fulfill the Capstone Experience requirements.


We understand that many students will have other commitments such as internship and exchange programmes during the summer term that may conflict with the overseas field trip. The dates for the overseas field trips are not yet fixed but will probably take place during June, July and early August 2021. In this connection, the Department wishes to solicit view from students on their initial preference of overseas field trip destination choice(s) and comments on the field trip arrangements (e.g. preferred time period) so that we can start preparing in advance.


Tentatively, the Department is planning to offer the following destinations for the 2021 overseas field trips, including:

  • Australia – Melbourne, Southwestern Victoria

  • Italy – Bari and Puglia region

  • United Kingdom – Manchester and St Andrews (Scotland)

  • South Korea – Seoul, Busan, Andong, South Gyeongsang

Please click the pictures below to view the respective field trip handbook.

There maybe another option to China

Current Cohort of Year 3 and/or above Geography/Urban Governance Majors are now invited to complete the following reply slip to indicate your preferred destination(s) in the overseas field trip. 


Please note that filling in the form DOES NOT indicate mandatory participation in the overseas field trip. The Department just wants to have an indication of students' preferences for preparation.

 After receiving the completed Reply Slips from all the students, the Department will:​

  1. Do a head-count on the students’ preferred destinations.

  2. Contact the field visit and coach service providers to provide cost quotations based on the tentative student numbers. 

Reply Slip

Please take the time to fill out the information below.

Thanks for submitting!

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