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Dr Lishan Ran

冉立山 助理教授


Room 10.32

391 77103

Assistant Professor

BA (Lanzhou); MA (CAS); PhD (NUS)




Dr. L. Ran received his B.A. degree in Hydrology from the Lanzhou University (2006), M.A. degree in Fluvial Geomorphology from the Chinese Academics of Sciences (2009), and PhD degree in Physical Geography from the National University of Singapore (2013). Before joining the department, he was working as a postdoc in Singapore. His current research interests reside in riverine carbon cycling and its responses to climate change and human activity, and water and sediment transport in large Asian rivers.

Research Interests
  • Riverine Carbon Cycle

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Soil Erosion and Carbon Export

  • Chemical Weathering and CO2 consumption

  • Sediment Transport and River Channel Change


6 credits

Living in a Hazardous World

6 credits

Nature Conservation for Sustainable Societies

6 credits

Water Resources and Management

6 credits

Introductory Spatial Analysis

6 credits

Overseas Field Trip

Selected Publications


  • Chan C.N., Tsang C.L., Lee F., Liu B., Ran L. (2021) “Rapid loss of dissolved CO2 from a subtropical steep headwater stream”. Frontiers in Earth Science, (IF2020=3.498). (forthcoming)

  • Zhang W., Cheng Z., Qiu J., Park E., Ran L., Xie X., Yang X. (2021) “Spatiotemporal changes in mulberry-dyke-fish ponds in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past 40 years”. Water, (IF2020=3.103). (forthcoming)

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  • Ran L., Shi H., Yang X. (2021) “Magnitude and drivers of CO2 and CH4 emissions from an arid/semiarid river catchment on the Chinese Loess Plateau”. Journal of Hydrology 598: 126260. (IF2020=5.722)


  • Ran L., Yang X., Tian M., Shi H., Liu S., Yu R., Zhou Y. (2020) “Riverine export of water, sediment and carbon during flood events in the arid to semiarid Wuding River on the Chinese Loess Plateau”. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 48: 1777-1788. (IF2020=4.133)


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  • 09/2021
    2021 Social Sciences Outstanding Research Output Award, The University of Hong Kong

  • 12/2014
    CYWater Young Scientist Best Paper Award (AGU Meeting, San Francisco)

  • 06/2010-08/2010
    Hydrological Synthesis Summer Institute Fellowship (UBC, Canada)

  • 08/2009-07/2013
    PhD scholarship, National University of Singapore

Journal review

Earth Surface Process and Landforms, Journal of Hydrology, Hydrological Processes, Scientific Reports, Geomorphology, Hydrological Research, PNAS, International Journal of Sediment Research, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Journal of Geographical Sciences.