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Dr Hugo WL Mak  

麥偉樑  助理教授(研究)


Room 10.35

391 77025

Research Assistant Professor
(Joint with Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)





Dr. H.W.L. Mak joined the two departments of HKU in 2020. He received his BSc degree in Mathematics and Physics, with minor in Liberal Studies, and Ph.D. in Mathematics (with Scientific Computation Concentration), both from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).  He has a cross-disciplinary background, solid training in satellite remote sensing, geoscience, data analytics and numerical methods, and substantial experience in handling large-scale datasets in meteorology and atmospheric retrieval problems, numerical modeling and post-processing models’ outputs. His research emphasizes on the application of all aforementioned approaches into alleviating real-world social concerns, for example developing and applying improved remote sensing algorithms, data assimilation and statistical machine learning methods to tackle environmental retrieval problems, alleviating air pollution challenges and health-related problems, identifying footprints of carbon reduction policies through spaceborne means. He is keen on building up a sustainable and resilient future city in the long run. Apart from conducting interdisciplinary research, he has also served as an academic consultant or advisor in different education-related mentoring and research projects, which shows his determination in serving the community, as well as his enthusiasm and passion in fostering talents.

Research Interests
  • Environmental and Satellite Informatics

  • Remote Sensing

  • Data Assimilation and Machine Learning Algorithms in Meteorology and Climate Studies

  • Geospatial Analytics and Image Processing

  • Air Quality and Urban Resilience


6 credits

Environmental Modelling for Climate Change and Air Quality #