Full-time Academic Staff: Teaching Staff

Dr Cho-Nam Ng

吳祖南 副教授


Room 10.35

391 77025

Associate Professor 

BSc, PhD (Lancaster); FHKMetSoc




Research Interests
  • Environmental Policy and Planning

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Nature Conservation

  • Sustainable Development

  • Water Governance


6 credits

Nature Conservation of Sustainable Societies

6 credits

Sustainable Development

6 credits

Hong Kong's Environment: Issues and Policies 

6 credits

China: Environment and Sustainable Development


6 credits

China: Environment and Sustainable Development (MAChDS)

6 credits

Environmental Management: Impact Assessment

6 credits

Overseas Field Trip

selected Publications


  • Xu, Q., Chen, J., Peart, M. R., Ng, C. N., Hau, B. C. H. and Law, W. W. Y. (2018) “Exploration of Severities of Rainfall and Runoff Extremes in Ungauged Catchments: A case study of Lai Chi Wo in Hong Kong, China.”  Science of the Total Environment 634: 640-649. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.04.024 (IF2018=5.589).

  • Xie, Y., Yu, X., Ng, C. N. and Fang, L. (2018) “Exploring the Dynamic Correlation of Landscape Composition and Habitat Fragmentation with Surface Water Quality in the Shenzhen River and Deep Bay cross-border watershed, China.” Ecological Indicators 90: 231-246. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2017.11.051 (IF2018=4.490).

  • Vollmer, D., Shaad, K., Souter, N. J., Farrell, T., Dudgeon, D., Sullivan, C. A., Fauconnier, I., ManDonald, G. M., McCartney, M. P., Power, A. G., McNally, A., Andelman, S. J., Capon, T., Devineni, N., Apirunmanekul, C., Ng, C. N., Shaw, M. R., Wang, R. Y., Lai, C., Wang, Z. and Regan, H. M. (2018) “Integrating the Social, Hydrological and Ecological Dimensions of Freshwater Health: The Freshwater Health Index.” Science of the Total Environment 627: 304-313. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.01.040 (IF2018=5.589). 

  • Qi, X., Fu, Y., Wang, R. Y., Ng, C. N., Dang, H. and He, Y. (2018) “Improving the Sustainability of Agricultural Land use: An Integrated Framework for the conflict between Food Security and Environmental Deterioration.” Applied Geography 90: 214-223. DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeog.2017.12.009 (IF2018=3.068).


  • Choi, Y. K. and Ng, C. N. (2017) “Land use change and its drivers in the transboundary Shenzhen River Catchment, China.” Mondes en Développement 177(1): 29-46. DOI: 10.3917/med.177.0029

  • Qi, K., Fan, Z., Ng, C. N., Wang, X. and Xie, Y. (2017) “Functional Analysis of Landscape Connectivity at the Landscape, Component, and Patch Levels: A case study of Minqing County, Fuzhou City, China.” Applied Geography 80: 64-77. DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeog.2017.01.009 (IF2018=3.068).


  • Wang, R. Y., Ng, C. N., Lenzer Jr, J. H., Dang, H. P., Liu, T. and Yao, S. J. (2016) “Unpacking Water Conflicts: A Reinterpretation of Coordination Problems in China’s Water Governance System.” International Journal of Water Resources Development 33(4): 553-569. DOI: 10.1080/07900627.2016.1197824 (IF2018=2.081).


  • Wang, R. Y. and Ng, C. N. (2015) “Can Centralized Sanctioning Promote Trust in Social Dilemmas? A Two-Level Trust Game with Incomplete Information.” PLoS One 10(4): e0124513. DOI: 10.1371/journal. pone.0124513 (IF2018=2.776). 

  • Wang, R. Y., Si, Z., Ng, C. N. and Scott, S. (2015) “The Transformation of Trust in China’s Alternative Food Networks: Disruption, Reconstruction, and Development.” Ecology and Society 20(2): 19. (IF2018=4.136).

Last Update: September 2019

Current research projects
  • Ecological Footprints of Hong Kong, Principal Investigator (Hui Oi Chow Foundation Grants)

  • Mathematical Modelling of the Dynamic Relationship between Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological Parameters; Principal investigator (CERG grants)

Major community service appointments
  • (2000 - )
    Member(part-time), Central Policy Unit, HK Government


  • (1994 - )
    Member, Advisory Council on the Environment, HK Government


  • (1996 - )
    Member, Energy Advisory Committee, HK Government


  • (1998 - )
    Member, Wetland Advisory Committee, HK Government


  • (1996 - )
    Member, Town Planning Appeal Board, HK Government


  • (2000 - )
    Member, Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy, HK Government 


  • (2001 - )
    Member, Monitoring Group on Trials and Studies in relation to the Harbour Areas Treatment Scheme, HK Government


  • (2000 - )
    Advisor, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HK Government


  • (1995 - )
    Member, United States - Asian Environmental Partnership Programme Steering Committee, Division of Commerce, US Government


  • (1995 - )
    Member, Regional Committee for Temperate East Asia, System for Analysis, Research and Training(START), International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP), International Council of Scientific Unions(ICSU)


  • (2000 - ) Director; 
    (1999 - 2000) President; 
    (1995 - 1999) Chairman;
    The Conservancy Association


  • (2000 - ) Member;
    (1995 - 2000) Chairman;
    Management Committee of Mai Po Nature Reserve and Education Centre, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong


  • (1995 - 2000 )
    Member, executive committee, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong 


  • (1995 - ) Member;
    (1992 - 1995) Chairman;
    Executive Committee, Hong Kong Environment Centre


  • (1995 - )
    Member, executive committee, Hong Kong Birdwatching Society


  • (1999 - )
    Advisor, Green China Foundation